About Us

LKIN Automation Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been established as a software solutions provider with intent to simplify accounting to the core. We are seriously into mobile application development that can give faster, reliable and accurate resolutions to the entire business community.

Our revolutionary business accounting app called m-Billing has been proud to incorporate the Cloud technology that currently no leading accounting software provides. By inculcating Cloud, we feel that the transition from traditional manual approach to a more scientific option will significantly boost the accounting industry forever.

With the power of Cloud, we can reduce multiple time consuming tasks into a single entry and keep your business updated.

Our company feels that every person who finds accounting difficult must be able to use m-Billing very easily. This software is so simple and user friendly that even a layman can operate it.

m-Billing is a comprehensive mobile application built for every small, medium and large business, a new venture or an expanding firm. You can always calculate your product's GST on m-Billing using effortless approach.

Company has a strong force of IT professionals which engages into efficient teamwork and is reckoned by its effective programming skills. The development of m-Billing centers in addressing and removing the obstacles that were routinely faced by users in running business accounting applications. Since traditional accounting options had connectivity concerns and required securing backup on pen drive or disc, it wasted a lot of time and labor. For the matter, we incorporated Cloud in our m-Billing program to make accounting easy. It meant updating or saving an online or offline record on any system without movement.

Cloud made the scope of accounting access astonishingly simple and fast. An ATU location finder i.e. mTrac that works as a real-time location tracker for sales companies is another success story for us.

Our objective is program simplicity, ease of usage, secured accessibility and operation awareness. This makes us involved into other projects as well.